Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Twisted Sketch 126

This weeks twist was a tough one for me. But once I knew what picture I was going to use, it because a lot easier. Go over to twisted sketches to see this weeks sketch and the twist. Here is my take on it.

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I told you Stitch will let me do anything to him. I took on of Quincie's Liv dolls wigs and put it on him. He just sat there. Maybe he liked it. But I knew I had to use the song from Rocky Horror Picture Show as a title. I just love my little guy and of course this layout.

Some of my Stitch layouts.

Stitch is my new favorite subject to scrap now. I can pose him in any position and he will let me. Yes, I have done some silly things to him but Stitch still loves me, I think.

This one is my favorite. It really looks like he wants that pumpkin.

I love this picture. He really love to climb all over me.

I just think this is funny since he is always looking around.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Out for a walk!!

After all these months, Stitch finally let me put this little lizard leash on him. I took him outside for the last two days and all he does is just lay there. Come on Stitch I want to go for a walk. Then again it may take a few house for us to go around the block.

And here he is in the house, Quincie said he looks like a retarded dinosaur when he tries to run on the hardwood floor.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sketch 120

Yippee!!! It's time for the new sketch at twisted sketches. Head over to the site after looking at my wonderful layout to check out the other girls twist on the sketch.

I used Sassfrass Lass for my sketch this week. Can I tell everyone that they are my favorite manufacturer. I was at a block for the title for this layout but like usual, Quincie can to the rescue. One look from her and the title came right out of the mouth. She does wonders when I need the help.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sleepover and zoo days.

Here is a few more layouts from the National Zoo. This first layout is for a sketch contest at paper patch crafts on facebook.

This one if for a contest at for the love of sketches. These pictures are from the girl scout trip to the zoo back in March.

This one is for a contest at black with two. The challenge was to use blue and yellow with black.

Here are some crazy pictures from Quincie's sleepover with Jenna and Jada.

Both of these layouts are for contests at for the love of sketches.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's a lizard kind of morning

I had the camera out so I thought it was time to take new pictures of my babies. My husband found a blue-tail skink at work on Thursday. It is so cute and keeping with the "L" names we decided to call him Lester. As soon as I put Lester in the cage, he went into the hollow tree and have not see him since.

Here is Lenny. The little guy has been climbing up the glass a lot lately.

Larry Jr. He is the smaller of the two babies but he has been getting so very big. He stares at the big cage all day long wishing he could go in there.

This is the second time this month that Leroy shedded. It looks like he was a white mask on his face. Lola is out in front but Luna took off when I opened the cage, so no new picture of her.

Of course, the best for last. Stitch, he is my favorite. He still loves to give me the evil eye.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Bye Larry

Yesterday morning I work up and I saw my baby Larry lying on the bottom of his tank. I was so sad that we lost our first baby. I told Quincie that Larry missed Lizzy so much that he went to visit her. He was a wonderful pet, even thought you could not pet him. I would tease him all the time, call his name out and he would look at me. After a few times of doing this, Larry started to ignore me. Love you Larry.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Twisted Sketch 116

I had a lot of fun doing this week sketch at twisted sketches. The twist this week was metal. It did take me a few hours to figure out what I was going to do. I remembered all that wire I bought years ago just setting on my shelve. I decided to make flowers for my sketch.

After I made my metal flowers, I took some white cardstock and painted it with my twinklings h20s. God I love those paints. I cut out flowers from the cardstock and attached it to the metal flowers with brads. Here is a close up of my fun flowers.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A few zoo layouts

I have been working on our recent trip to the National Zoo in D.C. So let me show what I have done so far.

There is Quincie and my two cousins Nick and Krista. They are trying to find the tiger. I used Sassafras Lass for this layout.

Cute little prairie dogs. What more can I say. I just want to and squeeze that cute little butt. I used Crate Paper that I won last month from Scrapbook Circle.

I love flamingos, so this is one layout of a few that I will be doing. I just wanted to go in their cage and push them all over. It is so funny how they stand on just the one leg. For this layout I used Glitz Design paper, three different black thickers, and Twinkings H20 to paint the Bazzil border.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Twisted Sketch 114

The brand new sketches at twisted sketch is up. The twist this week for team A is tiny. Right away I knew what I was going to do. Last week the family went to the National Zoo in D.C. and while in the reptile house I saw a blue iguana. He was so big, I think he was as big as me. I thought that would be perfect for my layout.

Don't Call Me Tiny

I used Sassfras Lass paper and stickers. I painted the chipboard flowers with my favorite new toys, Twinklings h20. The one thing I have to say is I did not do this layout my self. Quincie helped me out alot . Thank you Quincie!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Duct tape fun!

A few months ago Quincie and I were into our duct tape phase. We bought every color and pattern of tape. And we made purses, lots and lots of purses.

Here she is modeling her purses I made.

This is the one she made all by herself.

This is a weave purse that I made and I still carry it around. I get compliments everywhere I go.

Right now my husband and I are in the process of redoing Quincie's bedroom. I bought a $2.50 trashcan from Target and wonder what can I do to teen it up. I thought duct tape flowers would be perfect.

They were fun to make but alot of work, I don't know how many times I burned my fingers with the glue gun.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm on the Twisted Sketches DT team

It has been killing me for the last couple of weeks because I could not tell the very good news. This was the second time I applied for Twisted Sketches DT team and do you know how excited I was to wake up on Sunday morning and find an email saying I was now on the team. For those who do not know about Twisted Sketches, it is a sketch with a twist. For the DT application we had to do the sketch with the twist of vintage. Here is my layout.

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For my ACOT friends you may find some other ladies you recognize as new members.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Scoring with the Sassfras Lass mystery box

Last week on the Sass Lass blog, they were offering the mystery box for $45. I passed on this several times but this time I was getting it. Well it came today and I am so very happy with it. I say I have only 25% of this stuff already. Of course I'm not counting the alphas because you can never have enough.

In the box was 8 packages of flowers. Two packs of entwined blooms, four packs of in a stitch blossoms, and two packs of vintage brooch.

Five sheets of card stock stickers and seven sheets of card stock alphas.

Nine sheets of the journal tags and banners.

Ten packs of paper whimsies and two packs of the number chipboard stickers.

And 46 sheets of pattern paper.

Now, I can't wait to use all this fun stuff.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Am I the crazy-lizard lady?

A lady I work with found two baby green anoles. They were so cute that I had to take them home. Since the boys are so small we could not put them in the cage with the bigger guys, right now they are in their own cage until they get a little bit bigger.

This is Larry Jr.

This is Lenny.

Now do I have to mention we are up to seven lizards in this house. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is it!!!!

Yes, I am so very excited. After almost two years since my family went to Disneyworld, I am finished with my album. So here it is, the final layout to my album.

This is also a layout I used for the sketch challenge at Scrapbook Circle. The paper, zipper and some of the embellishments are from their July kit. The chipboard tree is from Magistical Memories.

Monday, July 25, 2011

My new babies and the older kids

Since Lizzy died last week, our tank seemed a little empty, so we headed to our local Petsmart to get yet another lizard. Well, instead of getting one long-tail lizard, we came home with two. I don't know why but the long-tail lizards just look like girls to me, so girl name are what they got.

Here is Luna.

Here is Lola.

Now don't forget the rest of our boys.

Larry the green anole.

Leroy the brown anole.

Stitch the Chinese Water Dragon. He gets so jealous when we pay attention the other other lizards.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's a jungle out there

Today I finished a new layout for A Cherry On Top, it's a upside down sketch challenge. I used my Glitz Design paper, and Websters letters. I'm still working on my Disneyworld album from two years ago. Thank god it is almost done.


My first blog

Hello everyone, be patient with me as this is the first time that I ever blogged. Soon I will have some exciting new for every but you just have to wait. Let me tell you, it is killing me right now not being able to tell my friends.

Now I just have to figure out how to get this working and I will post some of my layouts.