Monday, May 28, 2012

Psychotic Peguins

The final challenge for May at Child's Play Challenges is those colorful friendship bracelets.  I used the bright-fulness of the string in the bracelets for my inspiration for this challenge.  The sketch is from Let's Get Sketchy.  I really love the Amy Tangerine line from American Crafts.  The colors are just so bright and I do love bright.

When Mark, Quincie and I went to see the Avengers a few weeks ago, there was a cut out of those crazy animals from Madagascar.  Quincie had to be one of those psychotic penguins.  You know you love those penguins, I think they are the whole movie.

Are you my mother?

Over at Child's Play Challenges,  the story book challenge is "Are you my mother?"  When you look at the picture of the book, with the bird on top of the dog, I know what I was doing for sure.  I have a picture of Edgar on top of Quincie's head.  It is almost identical to the book.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Avengers

Mark and Quincie took me to see the Avengers movie on Saturday for my Mother's Day present.  The movie was freaking awesome.  I can't wait to see it again.  But prior to that we went to Walmart for the Avenger scavenger hunt for the iphone.  Quincie wanted her picture taken with the cardboard cut out.  Can you blame her? 

I used that picture for this weeks sketch at Twisted Sketches.  Head on over there to check out the sketch and the rest of the design teams layouts.

Catch of the Day

Blaze is still very wild and still likes to try to bite Mark.  Well Blaze did get a hold of Mark's hand(good thing he is wearing gloves), and that iguana would not let go for a few minutes.  Blaze is very strong since Mark was holding him up in the air.  Mark did look like the fisherman holding his fresh caught fish.

I did this layout for two challenges this week.  The sketch is from Let's Get Sketchy.  And the crazy fishy story is this week's theme from Lasting Memories Scrapbook challenge

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What a nice sweet lizard

Yes, Blaze is a lizard but that about it.  It's been four months since we bought him and this is the first time that Mark got the lizard leash on Blaze and took him for a walk.  Blaze is a little on the mean side, trying to whip Mark but I think he is more scared of us.

I used this really cool pictures for this weeks sketch at Let's Get Sketchy.  It really does look like Blaze is going to come right out of the computer to attack. I hope not.

Ms. Crabby Head

That is what happens when you live in Baltimore, Maryland.  You become a crab, except my daughter is weird, she won't eat any crabs.  Sometimes I think it was a mix up at the hospital.  Good thing she looks like her father and acts like my father. 

This weeks theme at Child's Play Challenges is Mr. Potato Head.  When I took that picture of Quincie last week, I knew it was going to be perfect for this challenge. 

The Game of Life

We all remember playing that game as a kid.  I remember I always wanted to get the twins, glad that never happened in real life.  The game of life is one of the many themes this month at Child's Play Challenges.   I have pictures of my two cute little critters, Edgar and Penelope.  They do have the life, there favorite snack of coconut in bed.  All they do all night long is play, play and play and sleep all day long.  Don't we all want that kind of life?