Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's a lizard kind of morning

I had the camera out so I thought it was time to take new pictures of my babies. My husband found a blue-tail skink at work on Thursday. It is so cute and keeping with the "L" names we decided to call him Lester. As soon as I put Lester in the cage, he went into the hollow tree and have not see him since.

Here is Lenny. The little guy has been climbing up the glass a lot lately.

Larry Jr. He is the smaller of the two babies but he has been getting so very big. He stares at the big cage all day long wishing he could go in there.

This is the second time this month that Leroy shedded. It looks like he was a white mask on his face. Lola is out in front but Luna took off when I opened the cage, so no new picture of her.

Of course, the best for last. Stitch, he is my favorite. He still loves to give me the evil eye.

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  1. A blue lizard! How about Luna, as in "Blue" Moon. Great pics.