Sunday, March 24, 2013

Very productive crop

I went to my first crop in years and I did get a dozen layouts done.  I am very proud of myself.  Here are a few that I can share with you.  The others are for my DT challenges. They will be posted at a later day.

 Sebastian loves to cover his face up when he sleeps.

 Crazy Penelope attacking the toy wand Quincie won from Chuck E. Cheese.

 Loved this Alice in Wonderland paper and it is perfect for our nutty cat.

 Two of my three girls.  When we first got the new glider Violet.

 Edgar and Loki(top) seeing what is happening out of their treehouse.

Sebastian's first taste of Tuna.  He loved it.


  1. Hi Chas! It's Marie..We met at Stephanie's Crop on Saturday..I'm sorry i missed seeing you when you left for the day..but I did want to say it was nice to meet you and thank you so much for the different links you gave me (that's how i discovered your blog!) You really do great pages and i look forward to seeing your future creations..marie

  2. Great layouts Chas! I wish I was as productive as you are at crops....I just like to snack and visit!!! Must plan to go to one with you! Love your sense of humor and the pics on your layouts!!!