Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Punky Scraps Challenge 41

The second challenge at Punky Scraps is a sketch. Oh I love doing sketches. This sketch was different, there was a skull with a mustache. Well when I saw that mustache, I knew exactly what to do. Quincie has her "hand" friend named Mr. Meatloaf. She even has a life story about him. Mr. Meatloaf is married to an Hawaiian woman who dances on pool tables, and has seven children right now. He is Italian and owns a pizza joint that is very expensive. He goes on business trips to Bahamas all the time while he leaves his wife home. And just yesterday I found out that he has a Russian sister-in-law.

Here is my take on the sketch. Thanks to Pinterest I found digi mustaches, I thought it would be perfect to cut out the stashes and use them as masks with my glimmer spray.



  1. This is amazing!! I don't think i have ever laughed this much in yonkers - those photos are hilarious!! A great take on my sketch and thanks for playing!

    Nat x(Punky Scraps Owner)

  2. Hi Chas! I tried forever leaving a comment the other day but I couldn't get through that new captcha, they've made it ridiculously hard...or maybe I am a robot?! So I'm trying again. lol I'm with Nat, this is hillarious!!! You have such a fun style!

  3. This is just so cute and super creative!! I love those crazy photos!! Fun fun fun!!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Love the masked mustaches and the design- thank you for playing along at Punky scraps!

  5. Oh! I really love this! Loads of misting and the little fellow is so cute!